Reimagining Our Futures Together

To re-learn how we are interconnected with a living, damaged planet we must unlearn the human arrogance that has resulted in massive biodiversity loss, the destruction of entire ecosystems, and irreversible climate change.

Pedagogy needs to be framed by interconnectedness and interdependencies.

The relationships between teachers, students and knowledge are located in a wider world. All learners are connected to the world. All learning takes place in and with the world. All students need to learn how others’ actions affect them and how their actions affect others.

Curricula need to fundamentally reorient the place of humans in the world.

Effective and relevant climate change education should be prioritized. Across the curriculum we must teach the arts of living respectfully and responsibly on a planet that has been damaged by human activity.

UNESCO’S Futures of Education initiative was launched to reexamine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet. Over a million people have taken part so for. Check out our new report ( and join the movement to make a new social contract for education.