NDN Collective

What if the best times are ahead of us? What if the only “back” we’re going towards is back into our bodies, into our ancestral ways, into our spirits, into the Earth? What if we could imagine again? Dream again?

Climate asks us how we want to weather the future; it’s about the rain, the heat, the sun, and the wind. Climate insists on humility as we welcome change; demands we bow in reverence to our grief and rage as we migrate, adapt and innovate. Climate is the understanding that these weather realities shape how life unfolds down here on the surface of the Earth. What becomes and what falls away.

Justice, from Latin meaning “righteousness, equity, upright, just”, is a question, a spiritual imperative to find alignment between action and grounded connection. Climate Justice is our vision that teaches us how to move in honest and bold ways, connected with what is occurring everywhere, in all of our homelands and communities, down here on the surface of the Earth, under the forces of unknown weather.

In this moment, we must dream the Indigenous dream. And so we dream Climate Justice.

NDN Collective