Global Youth Biodiversity Network

We are living in a social-ecological crisis. Societal values and principles, colored by systemic inequalities, are shaping our economies, policies, and institutions in unsustainable and inequitable ways. The result is an global social-ecological crisis—manifesting in climate change and the unprecedented loss of the biodiversity and cultural diversity underpinning our survival and well-being. ​

Education can address the root causes. ​ Education is a powerful tool to effect lasting change. Young people all over the world recognize the massive potential of education in achieving a better future. Yet, we also believe that educational systems of today do not yet meet the needs to elicit the needed transformative change. ​

We, therefore, call for transformative education–in policy and practice. ​ Transformative Education refers to diverse approaches to formal, non-formal, and informal education that foster societies that are fully capable of stewarding us toward a sustainable, peaceful and equitable future in harmony with nature. ​

Transformative education… • …holistically nurtures connectedness, reciprocity, and kinship to nature. • …is accessible, rights-based, inclusive, and celebrates diversity. • …fosters sustainable, responsible, proactive, and critical societies. • …is intergenerational, of high quality and actively supported.

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