Artwork by: Alexandria Quinlan, 26. Taiwan


Dancing in yellow tastes sweeter than passionfruit,
a place where the mountains, the beetles, the trees can hold me.
They give me so much — I want to give back,
to make them feel held.
To support them in their growth,
to watch the sun continue to shine down
on them, and through them.
The fungi supporting the underworld of the forest
wants to dance in yellow.
The tree feels the yellow in their roots,
in their leaves and fruit.
The bees feel the yellow and share it with others.
The mountain is buzzing in yellow.
We can learn from them, individually and as a whole.
Take one part away, the yellow turns murky, the dancing falters.
We can dance in their yellow if only we give them
the space they need to keep thriving.

Prompt by: Alexandria Quinlan , 23 . Taiwan