Artwork by: Marley Pemberton, 25. Arizona


Remember the women who are victims of gender-based violence due to climate crisis when you make decisions about their future. Remember the women who are being sold off into marriage because of a shortage of food in their house or during extreme droughts in exchange for cattle. Remember the minors who are being married against their will to help their families survive climate disasters. Remember the women who fetch water daily and are being forced to walk farther due to droughts, increasing their risk of sexual assault. Remember the women who are being sexually exploited by fishermen as fish become scarcer. Remember the women who face violence from their own families and the dramatic effect on their social and family standing when harvests are threatened or wiped out altogether. Remember the women who barricade themselves in their huts, often washed away by the floods. Remember.

Prompt by: Marley Pemberton , 25 . Arizona