How To Use

TURN IT AROUND! FLASHCARDS are a toolkit to help us radically reimagine education in response to the climate and ecological emergency.  There is no one right way to use them, but here are some ideas that may get you started in turning this emergency around.

The cards are divided amongst 7 different prompts regarding the way we think about education and our relationship to nature and our natural surroundings.  On the reverse side, you will find responses to those prompts from youth all around the world.  Would you respond the same way?  Is the response on the flashcard something you’ve considered too, or is it a new perspective for you?

Flip through and find an artwork (all done by artists under 30) that resonates with you.  What does it make you think or feel?  What does it make you want to do?  What is your reply to the prompt at the top?  Try using the flashcards in a small group, and compare your responses  to those in the card deck.  

What kind of discussion can you get going by using just one card?  Or one card from each of the 7 prompt categories?  What kind of game can you make with the whole set of flashcards?  How do your group’s responses to the prompts align with the ones on the cards?

Make your own flashcard, using one or more of the prompt questions, and share it with us at

There are also a collection of ‘partner’ cards provided by some of our organizational collaborators from around the planet.  These provide some new perspectives, ways of thinking, and links to a lot more information and ideas about what we need to do to turn things around.  You can scan the QR codes on these cards with a smartphone to visit our partners’ sites and find lots more tools, knowledge, and networks.

As you finish, consider how working with these flashcards may have given you ideas for how to make a change in the way you or others learn, and relate to nature and  our natural surroundings?  Now don’t forget to take action on your ideas, and through our combined actions we can begin to truly TURN IT AROUND!