Flied semi-low,
Hornbill exposed,
Ambrosial comparable to drugs,
In a lively space.

Feeling dulcifies,
Watching other birds fly,
High expands,
Let it be lost without winning.

Proud of the rank,
Endangered species; the hornbill nominated,
Mankind’s concerns ahead,
Without realizing it,
A thousand more creatures being questioned,
They cared more in regards to,
What’s so regal about the thick forehead?

Some jungle dwellers praised,
You owned the earth,
God given the two-legged,
Seen as the fortune while in flight.

Sipped the hornbill of glory,
Even though this is the only subject,
Worshipers change religion gradually,
Open and close the wings of the same wretch.

Still, he fancied it,
Hornbill remains hornbill,
Praised or said,
Stay as a hornbill.