Artwork by: Maralita, 28. Catarman, Northern Samar, Phillipines


Puhon translates to “someday” or “in God’s time” in Bisaya, a language from the Philippines. This special expression brings hope and positivity, a glimpse of the possibilities of all that seem impossible, and the limitless dreams of young children. But if the Earth will be dead, will there be a time ahead? If we don’t prioritize our climate first, we’ll see ourselves dispersed. If global carbon emissions persist and fail to fall, we’ll breathe the burning air and catch our home crumble. If world leaders carry on to blind themselves and remain silent, we carry on to afflict and distress our own environment. As all these prevail, there might still be a light for us to witness- not a light of hope, however, but a grueling light that will blind all visions, wither all trees, and destroy all ambitions. If we neglect climate action, will there exist puhon?

Prompt by: Ralph Arquisola , 19 . Philippines