Announcing the ASEAN University Network edition of Turn it Around!

Turn It Around! Youth Voices for Climate Action in partnership with the ASEAN University Network

We are pleased to announce we are expanding the collection of the “Turn it Around!” Project, highlighting youth voices for climate action from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) University Network. Artists whose work is selected for this collection will receive credit on the website.

ARE YOU AN ARTIST OR WRITER UNDER THE AGE OF 25 IN AN ASEAN UNIVERSITY NETWORK INSTITUTION? Then we invite you to share your thoughts, visions, dreams and artwork! Your submission will help to (re)envision an education for a more ecologically just and sustainable world.

Submit your work HERE!

Climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, overuse of earth’s resources, and ecological collapse threaten all life on earth. But there is much we can do to *turn it around* and address the root causes of the climate crisis. Education is an important part of the solution. Join us in (re)imagining how education can help us move toward more ecologically just and sustainable futures!

“Turn it Around! Flashcards for Education Futures” invites youth from all over the world to build a radical curriculum for educators, policymakers, and politicians. Last year we began by building a collection of artist-made flashcards as a transformative tool for classrooms, legislative halls, and living rooms, helping people see their relationship to the planet and one another in a new way.

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